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Entry #5


2016-10-23 16:40:21 by DJ-Sparky

I'm definitely back. -u-


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2016-10-23 18:46:54

Welcome back!

DJ-Sparky responds:

Thank you, wonderful lurker! It actually is nice to be back though.


2016-10-24 10:01:06

Haha,a lurker,well,that's what I am in here!How have you been?

DJ-Sparky responds:

I've been much better lately. Been more confident in creating and posting music, not trying to let more talented people discourage me just because i'm not as great as them. What about yourself?


2016-10-25 10:41:36

Ah,you know,life is full of critics but I'm glad you're dealing with it fine.I'm good(but I can't say the same for my schoolwork,haha),thanks for asking.


2016-10-29 15:42:18

wb~ can't wait to see moar stuffs :3

DJ-Sparky responds:

I'm trying! I have quite a few more music ideas to hopefully end the year on a good note.